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Navigating the world of Kenzo clothing

Skrevet den 11. December, 2018

Kenzo is without a doubt one of the hottest fashion brands right now. The youthful brand is adored and worn by all chic teenagers and young adults. The iconic tiger and graphic logo, although loved by many, might be divisive. However, Kenzo also produces less recognizable pieces, making it a surprisingly versatile brand.

The perfect Kenzo t shirt for your taste

T-shirts are one of Kenzo’s most recognizable and loved pieces. Often printed with the classic tiger head design and logo, it is easily recognizable. Furthermore, it is a good investment for young teenagers looking for their first big splurge. A t shirt from the brand is casual and relatively affordable, making it a perfect buy for young first-timers.

Kenzo shirt black

Even though most of the t shirts are very graphic and recognizable, there are still some surprisingly elegant options for people who do not like the classic Kenzo aesthetic. Worth highlighting is a elegant and feminine Kenzo t shirt for women offered on iil7. This black and navy t shirt bears no symbol or logo on the outside, removing it from all immediate associations with the brand. Furthermore, the discrete and feminine design of this t shirt is in no way reminiscent of the otherwise known aesthetic of the brand.  


Kenzo t shirt for women

The iconic Kenzo sweatshirt

Besides the t shirts, sweatshirts are likely amongst the most recognized and iconic pieces of the brand. Most of the sweatshirts are very recognizable with a graphic design and visible logos. Because of this, a Kenzo sweatshirt is an ideal buy for anybody who wants to invest in an iconic piece from the brand. The selection is the broadest of all of the pieces, the designs are classic, and the sweatshirt are all wearable. Besides the classic sweatshirts, hoodies are also to be found under the ‘sweatshirt’ category. These hoodies are very similar to the sweatshirts, both concerning colors and design, and are thus to be found in the same category.

Hidden gems from Kenzo

Kenzo is a brand with many easily recognizable pieces. However, the brand contains a lot more items that go largely unnoticed in comparison to their t shirts, sweatshirts and espadrilles. Some of these pieces are of classic design, marked with clear logos. Others are more discrete in their design. In other words, both the lovers of the brand and people preferring a different aesthetic will be able to find pieces not usually seen around.

For people who appreciate visible logos on their clothes, but want something different than what everyone else is wearing, a trendy pair of Kenzo track pants could be the answer. These pants are very much in touch with today’s trend of track pants for women, while at the same time being very recognizable as designer pieces.

Kenzo coat

In some circumstances, the purchase of a designer piece might be seen as mostly a long-term investment, meant for longtime use. In these cases, the designer piece in question is often of a classic, timeless design. If you are looking for a real investment piece, the Kenzo assortment is very much worth looking at. This might seem surprising, as it is largely a ‘young’ and ‘trendy’ brand. A good example of an investment piece is this cashmere and wool coat from Kenzo. The timeless design and quality of the piece assures a long life for this beautiful piece.