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Tips on buying your first pair of Versace shoes

Skrevet den 11. December, 2018

The Versace brand is likely the most renowned and significant italian fashion house of our time. Known for its innovative design and exclusive gold details, the brand is loved by many. The modern, sporty aesthetic of the brand makes it especially popular among the younger generations. Youngsters, who are just beginning to invest in their first designer pieces. Investing in a designer piece is often a big decision; therefore we have created this guide to inspire you in the hunt for your first Versace shoes.

Investing in designer shoes

When first looking at the price tag of any designer piece, many, especially young people, get intimidated. When you are not experienced in the field of luxury fashion, this is very understandable; it initially seems very expensive. However, when viewing the price in a larger context, it usually becomes less overwhelming.  

Designer pieces often do have a high immediate price. However, this price looks very different when compared to cheaper items. Imagine buying a pair of cheap shoes. Walking in these shoes almost every day, they will start looking worn-out very quickly. In the end, they will probably only last you a few months. Thus, you will have to buy another pair - after a few years you have probably spend well over what a pair of designer shoes cost.

If you begin by investing in a pair of luxury shoes, you would start by spending more. However, these shoes will likely last you at least a few years, and even then not be very worn-out. In the end, your average spending on shoes over a few years will be very similar in the 2 scenarios. And this is not even taking into account the joy of spoiling yourself to a designer piece.

Versace shoes for men

Some fashion houses can be quite difficult to invest in as a youngster. Many of them have a classical aesthetic, making them more fitting for your grandparent than for you. Furthermore, many of them have price levels that make them unfit for first-time purchasers.

Versace sko

Versace however, is for many young people the perfect place to start: the pieces are modern in style and relatively affordable. Furthermore, it is not difficult to find shoes that you would realistically wear every day, and not just for rare, special occasions. The biggest mistake people make when buying designer items, is investing in pieces they end up never wearing. When buying Versace shoes, avoiding this is easy; investing in a comfortable, sporty, and sleek Versace sneaker for men is a safe bet when looking for a piece for everyday use.

Versace shoes for women

Designer shoes do not have to be delicate and difficult to walk in. Versace shoes for women are designed to be lived in. For young women, a bold and comfortable sneaker has been popular for years, adding a cool masculine edge to your look. This youthful and sporty aesthetic is perfectly aligned with Versace’s brand. On our website we sell the beautiful statement Versace sneakers for women. These chunky sneakers will inevitably be the statement piece of your outfit, making it even more gratifying to say that they are investment pieces from Versace.

Versace shoes white

At we have a large variety of Versace shoes - there is truly something for everyone’s taste! Furthermore, we have a broad assortment of other chic and modern designer brands. It is the perfect place to be, if you are looking to make your first designer purchase.