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Giuseppe Zanotti

Giuseppe Zanotti formed his superior quality, unique label in 1994. The shoes are created with meticulous detailing together with a futuristic approach. People who are keen in fashion highly appreciate gz shoes or zanotti shoes. Neiman Marcus provides an exceptional range of shoes for ladies and gents, such as Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers, heels, men’s shoes such as Giuseppe Zanotti men’s sneakers, women’s shoes, slippers and a lot more. The brand is sure to cater to every man and woman’s needs, whatever their taste. Shoes from Giuseppe Zanotti are a blend of the quality and techniques of Italian craftsmanship that is superior, with a cool and wild vibe. 

The iconic shoemaker Giuseppe Zanotti

The famous shoemaker with the tongue-twisting name, Giuseppe Zanotti was in a way destined to become an icon in the world of luxury shoes. He grew up in the Italian town San Mauro Pascoli, in an area known for its rich luxury shoemaking traditions. As a designer, he has worked for multiple large fashion houses such as Dior. His own brand is based upon the rich history of Italian crafts and shoemaking that he grew up with. The brand is therefore of very superior quality, making the shoes an investment that will last for many years.

Versatile design

All shoes from Giuseppe Zanotti are of superior quality. This is true even though the assortment of shoes from the brand is very large, covering many types of shoes for both men and women. Here, you can find everything from sporty sneakers and feminine sandals, to glamorous, sky-high heels. This includes the range of recognizable, beautiful suede slippers and heels with gems and crystals, making a truly royal statement. Another staple is their sporty and downplayed sneakers, becomes more and more popular among youngsters. The brand is thus not only loved across genders but also across all ages. There is even a selection of adorable sneakers for little fashionable children.

Lovers of great quality and luxury pieces will be able to find shoes for all occasions from Giuseppe Zanotti. The brand is truly one of the most versatile in the industry of designer shoes.

Famous fans of the brand

The great quality and beautiful design of Giuseppe Zanotti's shoes have made them somewhat of a household name amongst the chic and fashionable. They are even popular among celebrities and have been seen on numerous red carpets in recent years. Some famous fans of Giuseppe Zanotti include Kylie Jenner and Beyoncé. The adoration of the brand from such high-profile women is a confirmation of the talents of Giuseppe Zanotti.